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Areas of Focus

Dying, Death and Grief

We are focused on the unique needs and desires of people at the end of their lives and how the health and social care system can support their journeys in a holistic, person- and family-centred way. The following are some of the specific topic areas we are actively exploring in this field:

  • Spiritual care practices
  • Public policy in end of life care
  • Palliative approaches to care for structurally vulnerable populations
  • Moving from death-denying to death-discussing
  • Hospice outreach
  • Grief and bereavement experiences
  • Advance Care Planning

Why Dying, Death and Grief?

Most health services research in end-of-life care is focused on the development, delivery and evaluation of traditional medical services to the person who is dying, that are defined only according to clinical expertise and needs. While improving medical care at the end-of-life is important, we see the need to expand knowledge on a more holistic view, and to include a consideration of the needs and desires of caregivers, care providers, and society as a whole. By exploring the dying, death and grief experiences of Canadians we are evoking conversations about people's desires and needs at the end of their lives and finding solutions for how the health and social care system can offer better support.