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Research Studies

Aging in Society

  • Big Data solutions for the aging population
    • "Big Data" solutions to meet the needs of the aging population.
      Project summary available here.
      Visit the website for Consortium on Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making (CAnD3):
  • Care for people living with dementia
    • Our Dementia Journey Journal: a co-designed tool for strong partherships among persons living with dementia, their caregivers and care providers.
      Project summary available here.
    • Better Emergency Department care for people living with dementia.
      Project summary available here.
  • Caregivers
    • Brookman C, Holyoke P, Toscan J, Bender D, Tapping B. Promising practices and indicators for caregiver education and support programs. 2011.
      Report available here
    • Giosa J, Holyoke P. Caregiving is not a disease: Moving from reactive to proactive supports for family caregivers across the health care system. Healthcare Quarterly. 2014;17(3):36-41.
      Abstract available here.
  • Home care
    • Ploeg J, Markle-Reid M, Davies B, Higuchi K, Gifford W, Bajnok I, McConnell H, Plenderleith J, Foster S, Bookey-Bassett S. Spreading and sustaining best practices for home care of older adults: a grounded theory study. Implementation Science. 2014;9:162.
      Article available here.
  • Person- and Family-Centred Care
    • Giosa JL, Byrne K, Stolee P. Person- and family-centred goal-setting for older adults in Canadian home care: A solution-focused approach. Health and Social Care in the Community 2021;00:1-12.
      Article available here.
    • Person and Family Centred Care: Bringing person and family centred care to life. 
      Project summary available here.
  • Planning care to meet older adults’ needs
    • Giosa JL, Kalles E, McAiney C, Oelke ND, Aubrecht K, McNeil H, Habib-Perez O, Holyoke P. Co-designing action-oriented mental health conversations between care providers and ageing Canadians in the community: a participatory mixed-methods study protocol. BMJ Open 2024;14(1):e079653.
      Article available here.
    • Giosa J, Stolee P, Holyoke P. Development and testing of the Geriatric Care Assessment Practices (G-CAP) survey. BMC Geriatrics 2021;21:220.
      Article available here
      Executive summary available here.
    • An integrated geriatric care planning approach in home care.
      Project summary available here.

*Please contact if you would like a copy of the conference presentations.