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Research Studies

Aging in Society

  • Caregivers
    • Brookman C, Holyoke P, Toscan J, Bender D, Tapping B. Promising practices and indicators for caregiver education and support programs. 2011.
      Report available here
    • Giosa J, Holyoke P. Caregiving is not a disease: Moving from reactive to proactive supports for family caregivers across the health care system. Healthcare Quarterly. 2014;17(3):36-41.
      Abstract available here.
  • Big Data solutions for the aging population


    "Big Data" solutions to meet the needs of the aging population - read about CAnD3 - Consortium on Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making. Project description here. Visit the website for CAnD3:

  • Planning care to meet older adults’ needs
    • Giosa J, Stolee P, Holyoke P. Development and testing of the Geriatric Care Assessment Practices (G-CAP) survey. BMC Geriatrics 2021;21:220.
      Article available here.
    • Understanding Geriatric Care Assessment Practices in Home Care:The Geriatric Care Assessment Practices (G-CAP) Survey.
      Executive summary available here.
    • An integrated geriatric care planning approach in home care.
      Project summary available here.
    • Giosa J, Stolee P, Byrne K, Meyer S, Holyoke P. Co-designing a framework for integrated home care planning with older adults, their caregivers, and health care providers. Panel presentation at ICIC18 – 18th International Conference on Integrated Care; Utrecht, Netherlands; May 23-25, 2018.*
  • Home care
    • Lefebre N, Tudge S. What do Canadians really know about home care? Insights into Canadian’s understanding of home care services, providers and funding. Oral presentation at 2015 Canadian Home Care Summit; Ottawa, ON; November 8-10, 2015.
    • Ploeg J, Markle-Reid M, Davies B, Higuchi K, Gifford W, Bajnok I, McConnell H, Plenderleith J, Foster S, Bookey-Bassett S. Spreading and sustaining best practices for home care of older adults: a grounded theory study. Implementation Science. 2014;9:162.
  • Care for people living with dementia
    • Our Dementia Journey Journal: a co-designed tool for strong partherships among persons living with dementia, their caregivers and care providers.
      Project summary available here.
      You can also view a short presentation on Our Dementia Journey Journal:
    • Co-designed tools for strong partnerships with caregivers, people with dementia, and care providers. Project summary available here.
    • Better Emergency Department care for people living with dementia.
      Project summary available here.
    • Saari, M. Identifying Patterns of Home and Community-Based Service Utilization for Ontario Seniors with Dementia. Poster presentation at 2018 Canadian InterRAI Conference; Calgary, AB; May 14-17, 2018.*
    • Saari M, Wailewski M, Holyoke P,  Giosa J. Developing a research-informed organizational model for dementia care in a learning healthcare system. Oral presentation at CHSPR 2018 30th Annual Health Policy Conference; Vancouver, BC; March 8-9, 2017.*
  • Person- and Family-Centred Care
    • Giosa JL, Byrne K, Stolee P. Person- and family-centred goal-setting for older adults in Canadian home care: A solution-focused approach. Health and Social Care in the Community 2021;00:1-12.
      Article available here.
    • Person and Family Centred Care: Bringing person and family centred care to life. 
      Project summary available here.
    • Bender D, Rizzi K. Eight foundational principles of meaningful resident and family engagement. World Café at Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) This is Long Term Care 2017; Toronto, ON; November 27-29, 2017.
    • Bender D, Lui KY. Community engagement 2.0: Eight enablers of meaningful engagement. Bruyerecare –International Conference on Humanizing Health Care: Enhancing Lives. Transforming Care; Ottawa, ON; October 19-20, 2017.
    • Bender D, Miller K. Community engagement 2.0: Eight enablers of meaningful engagement. Workshop presented at 2017 OCSA Conference: From Roadmap to Reality: Navigating Change Together; Markham, ON; October 18-19, 2017.
    • Bender D, Stuart N. Triumphs and challenges on the journey to PFCC in long-term care and community settings. Panel Presentation at Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) 2016 Fostering Innovation in Research on Aging; Montreal QC; October 20-22, 2016.
    • Bender D. Bringing Person and Family-Centred Care Alive in Home, Community and Long-term Care settings. Oral presentation at Health Quality Transformation; Toronto, ON; October 20, 2016.
    • Bender D, Holyoke P. Designing a Person and Family-Centred Care Community of Practice. Poster presentation at Ontario Community Support Association 2016 Conference Prepare, Adapt, Thrive; Markham, ON; October 18-19, 2016.
    • Holyoke P, Giosa J, Bender D. Making the Culture Shift to Person-Centred Care in Community Settings. CAG2015 44th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting: From Possibility to Practice in Aging: Shaping a Future For All; Calgary, AB; October 23-25, 2015.
    • Miller K, Bender D. Bringing Person- and Family-Centred Care to Life in Home, Community and LTC OCSA 2015 Annual Conference Leading the Shift: The Power of Thinking Differently; Markham, ON; October 21-22, 2015.
    • Miller K, Bender D. Bringing Person- and Family-Centred Care to Life in Home, Community and LTC. PSNO PSW Conference; Markham, ON; October 20, 2015.
    • Bender D, Giosa J, Majumder S. Making the Culture Shift to Person-Centred Care in Community Settings. 3rd Annual National Patient Experience Summit; Toronto, ON; September 30-October 1, 2015.

*Please contact if you would like a copy of the conference presentations.