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Recipients of the 2023 SE Research Centre Graduate Student Awards

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 SE Research Centre Graduate Student Awards!

A-Dukart-Head-Shot_formatted.png   Masters level recipient: Amber Dukart

Amber is a Master's student at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Social Work. Amber's thesis research project aims to understand how intergenerational relationships can contribute to the social well-being of youth and aging Canadians. New knowledge from this research will include short participatory videos created from workshops involving experts-by-lived-experience including youth and aging Canadians in a Calgary-based intergenerational program (IGP). Amber plans to mobilize this knowledge by co-hosting a community screening and panel discussion with participants to showcase the videos, as well as sharing these videos online to reach a wider audience and promote further development of IGPs.

P-Hopwood-Head-Shot_formatted.png   PhD level recipient: Pamela Hopwood

Pamela is a PhD student at the University of Waterloo in the School of Public Health Sciences. Pamela's dissertation investigates the experiences of personal support workers (PSWs) in Ontario who identify as female and work in on-demand care using digital platforms (e.g., BookJane, Staffy). Pamela aims to fill the gaps in knowledge and understanding of PSW workforce and client experience of the gig economy. Knowledge from this research has the potential to inform future health human resources planning in home and community care. Pamela plans to mobilize this knowledge through an advisory committee of experts-by-lived-experience, including PSWs, in the form of policy briefs, conference presentations, and academic publications.

Each award recipient will receive $2,500 CAD to be used in completing their thesis project.
Congratulations Amber and Pamela and thank you to all applicants! For any inquiries related to the SE Research Centre Graduate Student Awards, please get in touch with us at