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Upcoming Conferences

Come hear members of the SE Research Centre present exciting work at the following conferences!
Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry-Canadian Coalition for Seniors' Mental Health (CAGP-CCSMH) 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting - Human Rights and the Law: Legal, Ethical, and Moral Responsibilites in Seniors' Mental Health
October 14-15, 2022, Montreal, QC
  • Oral Presentation (speaker underlined):
    • Prioritizing Mental Health Support, Care and Treatment for Older Adults: What Matters Most to Canadians - Giosa J, Kalles E, Holyoke P, McNeil H, Yogaratnam K.
For more information, please reference the conference website here.
2022 51st Annual Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) Scientific and Educational Conference - Closing the Research-Practice Gap
October 20-22, 2022, Regina, SK
  • Oral Presentations (speakers underlined):
    • Addressing pandemic-related grief and loss in long-term care homes: The Reflection Room® - Carter C, Holyoke P, Giosa J, Kalles E, Stephenson B, Neely A.
    • Evaluation of a training package for social care workers to support increased access to palliative care for persons experiencing homelessness - Kalles E, Holyoke P, Khan B, Georges R, Genge C.
    • How do we successfully integrate health and social care? Learnings from efforts in a resource-poor neighbourhood - Holyoke P, Giosa J, McLeod R.
    • Mobilizing expertise in aging at home: engagement of older adults, caregivers, and health and social care providers in the development of the "Long-term Life Care at Home" model - Cardozo V, Giosa J, Holyoke P, Saari M, Hirdes J, Heckman G.
  • Poster Presentations (speakers underlined):
    • Mobilizing & addressing aging and mental health research priorities for aging Canadians: The Canadian Aging, Action, Research and Education for Mental Health Group - Giosa J, Kalles E, Holyoke P, Sukovieff H, Members of the CAARE for Mental Health Group.
    • Operationalizing a holistic health definition as a framework to guide comprehensive assessment at the point of care: A modified eDelphi study - Fowokan A, Giosa J, Saari M, Holyoke P.
    • Resource utilization groups in transitional home care programs: Validating the RUG-III/HC case-mix classification system in a novel population of home care clients - Bolster-Foucault C, Holyoke P.
For more information, please reference the conference website here.

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